SAS and CABAN have undertaken to work together in partnership to independently pursue our mutual objectives.

This will make SAS a powerful engine for startup and entrepreneurship growth in Africa covering these FOUR PILLARS.


Startup Awards | Startup Enabler | Startup Investment | Startup Content

This partnership will entail the following:

  • SAS will continue to run Southern Africa Startup Awards, and the new regions that will be created in 2020, that is the Western and Eastern Africa Startup Awards and will work towards other awards programmes in the whole of Africa
  • SAS will manage the events that are currently managed and developed by CABAN Group (Entrepreneurship Expo and Leading Women Africa)
  • SAS will establish the Entrepreneurship Education programme and roll it out in SADC countries for a start
  • CABAN will empower SAS to operate the startup enablement activities (services) of CABAN Investments
  • CABAN will enable SAS to offer investments to qualifying startups through it Fund, SeedLife Caban Impact Investment Fund listed on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange

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