African Startups

African Startups

Access entrepreneurship training, community events, and investment opportunities.

Setup a Startup leverages strategic partnerships to create opportunities for startups across Africa.



We partner with Obami to deliver an entrepreneurship enablement program (EEP) to tech startups across Southern Africa. This program will focus on investment readiness, enabling startups to raise capital from both local and global investors.

Community Events

Setup a Startup partners with Global Startup Awards to offer startup competitions in Africa. In its first year of operation, Southern Africa Startup Awards received over 3000 nominations, which spanned 14 countries. Culminating with a 2-day event in South Africa, the competition promoted global visibility and regional connectivity for Sub-Saharan Africa’s startup ecosystem.


Additionally, we manage Entrepreneur EXPO, an initiative of Caban Investment Pty Ltd.

The Entrepreneur Expo and Conference delivers content that is regionally localised to maximise the impact on the community in which the event is hosted. The event leverages ecosystem partnerships, which span the public and private sectors


Investment Opportunities

Working with CABAN Investment Pty Ltd, we help startups scale their operations and tap into international investment opportunities. CABAN enables Setup a Startup to offer investments to qualifying startups through the Gibraltar Stock Exchange listed fund Seedlife CABAN.

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