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Southern Africa Startup Awards is a circuit of Global Startup award. It is the first annual award to celebrate and recognize the spirit of innovation and achievement in the startup ecosystem in Southern Africa (SADC) by connecting regional ecosystem for global visibility.

Southern Africa Startup Awards is a registered Non-Profit Organisation with the NPO Directorate in the Department of Social Development 210-073 NPO
SASAwards is also a registered Non-Profit Company with the Companies & Intellectual Property Commission 2018/280233/08.

In 2018, we launched our first edition. 

We had over 3200 participants from 15 countries in 15 categories. Finalists were selected from each category, who were then move on to compete at the Regional Grand Finale that took place at Steyn City, Johannesburg from November 21-22, 2018 which saw 15 winners from 14 countries walk away with prizes that includes Investment deals from Caban Investment Ltd and free website development and services worth R150K each.

Over and above the global GSA objective, SASAwards hopes to weave a thread of unity and collaboration among African countries, through entrepreneurship and innovation. For more information about Southern Africa Startup Awards, click here.

July 2020
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Global Startup Awards is a Social Enterprise that hosts an annual event to select and award those within their respective regional tech / web industries that have shown outstanding achievements in business and service to the community, and the startup ecosystems in their respective regions.

GSA began as a way of recognizing entrepreneurs within the Nordic region. It is now annually celebrated in 64 countries across 7 regions, including Nordics, Central Europe, South Europe, Europe Asia,  Southeast Asia, South Asia and Southern Africa.

“We believe that startup ecosystems around the world play a crucial role in shaping our future for the better. Our mission is to find, support and connect the top 1% from these global ecosystems” Mckevin Ayaba, Founder & CEO.

For more information about Global Startup Awards, click here.

The event in essence mixes the immediate and real needs of local entrepreneurs with best practices and services from the global community. 

This is achieved through partnerships with grass root support service providers (both public and private), academic institutions, organised business / chambers of commerce, research partners, local branches of big business and the three tiers of government.

This approach ensures that the event is a targeted intervention with tangible immediate results. The Expo is a place where entrepreneurs can get one-on-one free advice from organisations that provide all the services a business needs to run smoothly and sustainably as well as the organisations that provide support and funding. 

The Conference educates and informs entrepreneurs as to the many possibilities that exist as well as to how they can run their business more profitably and sustainably. Naturally, policies and relevant legislation will also be dealt with.
A business lives or dies on its sales. 

A key component to the event will be a pitching session where both existing entrepreneurs and those with an idea can pitch to a panel of experienced and hard hitting entrepreneurs who will give solid advice and guidance. The winner will receive mentorship and relevant support to further enhance their business.
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