While entrepreneurship is growing rapidly in Africa, entrepreneurs continue to face significant domestic challenges that impede their efforts, including a lack of access to funding, support services, skills training and infrastructure, as well as administrative barriers.

This shared belief, and our common view that each of us has a role to play in turning Africa’s challenges into opportunities, have led to Setup A Startup (SAS) and CABAN Investments Ltd undertaking to partner for startup development and enablement across the continent.


CABAN Investments Ltd

Caban is a company born from authentic passion to enable entrepreneurs to succeed in business. A core focus is to invest in high-growth opportunities to maximise returns for shareholders, at the same time also providing a comprehensive service offering to cover all business development and professional business needs. From small start-ups to larger companies, CABAN offers the entire spectrum of business services.


Since 2012, Caban has been responsible for scaling impact businesses. The Caban executives have a total of over 80 years’ worth of Venture Capital experience. They have assisted 100s of companies, entrepreneurs and have raised over R200 million”. The executives of Caban have, through their efforts, created over 1,000 jobs.

The scaling of new companies, some of which are listed below, benefits local economic development and has created many new jobs in the region. View companies Caban has invested in here.

Investment Opportunities

Working with CABAN Investment Ltd, we help startups scale their operations and tap into international investment opportunities.

CABAN enables Setup a Startup to offer investments to qualifying startups through it Gibraltar Stock Exchange listed fund Seedlife CABAN Investment.

Invest in New Startup Companies

Setup A Startup (SAS) constantly seeks investors for its new startup companies.

If you are looking to invest in new startup companies, please contact us for details of current investment opportunities.

Caban Investment Ltd  is the SAS’s preferred investment partner for investment opportunities. Caban will be working with like minded Venture Capitalists.

We believe this approach is essential for a thriving ecosystem.

Caban and SAS fully recognise that other funders can improve businesses through strategic knowledge and insights, and we welcome discussion with other interested investors.



Whether you are a startup or would like to support one, let's connect.

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Information for Investors

Introducing private investors to new startup companies

Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Investors Network which is powered by Caban Investment Ltd is a business angels network for investors and private companies interested in investing in startup companies in Africa. It provides a vehicle from which private individuals and companies can meet, discuss and invest in the early stages of a startup.

We facilitate first-round investment from all investors – business angels, private equity, institutional investors, seed and venture capitalists – from Africa and internationally.

For more information about Triple Bottom Line Investors Network, click here.


Investment in new businesses carries high risks, as well as the possibility of high rewards. It is highly speculative and potential investors should be aware that no established market exists for the trading of shares in private companies. The success of some spinouts does not in any way predict success for others.

Whilst we take care with our proposals, it will be appreciated that the business plan on which an investment decision is made is often a development of an idea as originally presented, and the business experience and preferences of the potential investors are often significant factors in the final shape of the new company. Before investing in a project, potential investors are strongly advised to take advice from a person authorised under the Financial Services Act who specialises in advising on investments of this kind.

For more information about Triple Bottom Line Investors Network, click here.